ERöMŰVHÁZ Nonprofit Kft. Rebranding Project

This is a re-branding project for ERöMŰVHÁZ, a non profit art and cultural centre in Budapest, Hungary. ERöMŰVHÁZ hopes to rebrand themselves as a vibrant and youthful organisation, in order to appeal to young people.

Using the same color palette from the old branding, I have created new elements which relate closely to ERöMŰVHÁZ. Róth Miksa is a museum of stained glass art under the management of the centre. Art Nouveau typography and stained glass art could be seen everywhere in the buildings of ERöMŰVHÁZ and Róth Miksa museum. The new logo design is based on the pattern of stained glass art and a hint of Art Nouveau typography.

The 7 water drops symbolise Erzsébetváros, the 7th district of Budapest, where the culture centre is. These water drops enhance the vibrant side of the art and culture centre. The unique shape itself could be recognized in many traditional Hungarian folk art illustrations of leaves and petals.